Kim Nixon Hainstock

Kim Nixon Hainstock, Licensed Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher

In 1990 I studied energy-work at the Metaphysical Society in Berkeley, Michigan with Art Rucinski and hypnotherapy with Sol Lewis. Upon moving to the Upper Peninsula I studied Healing Touch and Reiki with Clark Roberts, Tai Chi and Qigong with John Magnuson, and La-Ho-Chi with Roslyn McGrath. I attended the Institute of Natural Therapies in Paavola, MI and graduated in 2004 with a 900 hr. certification.
I’m also a Graduate of Northern Michigan University with a Bachelors of Science.


Kim Nixon Hainstock

My massage approach is therapeutic, restorative, and inspired by the body’s need for renewal and balance. I offer Swedish, fluid moves that do not skip over issues. Restorative, rejuvenating, energizing, calming, meditative, please communicate these wishes so I can accommodate your needs.

Yoga has assisted my life journey and eased depression, anxiety and my own challenges with auto-immune issues. When I need my mat the most my practice found me. Eight years ago I was encouraged to teach yoga by my own instructor, but my hesitation landed upon the excuse that I was not able enough, not healthy, too fat. Fears and criticisms often block our path forward. Yoga is far more than a set of postures preformed perfectly.

Yoga is about a deeper connection to self and an understanding that everything is as it should be. Bringing yourself into the present moment with breath and movement. Yoga is the feedback and reminder to your physical body of where healing is needed. The connection of spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. The development and greater awareness of the witness, the higher self, the all-knowing inner you.

In June 2018, I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tiffany Lenau, dean and founder of Be the Love, Registered Yoga School and owner of Yoga Roots, Petoskey. Our training was held in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan within Northern Life Yoga which is owned and operated by Allie Brawley. I traveled the infamous Seney Stretch between Marquette and the Soo throughout the long winter months in a winter that lasted through April! I always felt I was Coming Home to the room I rented within Northern Life. As many know, Teacher Training changes you as you’re brought face-to-face with issues of self mirrored in those around you. Shifts are made. Growth is inevitable for all. I went through a lot of growth.

Now, nestled back into Marquette, getting rooted in my practice, I find balance between Nature & Nurture by turning to the many trails, woods and waters around my Marquette home. Creativity keeps me connected to sacred energy and expresses through my photography and writing.