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The Calling

I was sitting in the chapel at Camp Michigamme when I got the “calling” God asked me to minister.

I had an extreme calm come over me.

What does it mean to minister to someone?

You don’t have to be religious to minister. When you minister to someone, you take care of them. All of these meanings of minister — both as a noun and as a verb — contain a grain of the original Latin meaning, “servant.”

I texted Mike who was at work and he said something to the effect that, Honey you already do that.

I love my Magicman.

What shift is God calling me to at this time? How can I serve God (more). How can I serve my students and clients, more. I’ve a busy 6 weeks coming up, and I will be meditating on this “shift.”

I had a wonderful mentor in Erik Winkelmann, who I felt did minister to his massage clients, and he was very involved in serving the church as well. He still is. He left his massage practice to be a missionary with the Catholic Church. Erik modeled to me an open minded peacefulness, how to tend to our-self and others.

In my “Shift” to greater service, to answer my calling, I will be looking to find more time to full-fill a deeper meaning and roll and serve needed populations that are currently under-served.

(more to follow as I shift…)

from the Practitioner’s Journal

Always look for the angle of light that brings hope. What is it that will make a person move past the obstruction or hesitation…? How can we get a person to engage with bettering their health and circumstance? From getting them from the thought of I need to eat better to simply placing the apple in their pocket and moving on with the day. We all struggle with this. When trying to reach others we need to help them make the choice/movement/commitment to move beyond that obstruction. But more importantly we need to recognize and understand those hesitations.