Welcome to Essentials…

…“Sometimes our path is not clear. It is a rock carried by water, smoothing away what is, becoming what will be.” –Kim Nixon Hainstock

13235203_10209449473412115_2779963361165177604_oMassage & Yoga help to smooth the body, mind, and spirit into a smooth river pebble.

When I came to massage it was as a client and I was a fragile rock, crumbling, and frightened. I was told that for my lifetime I’d live in pain from some auto-immune dysfunction. There had to be a better way and my search for healing and comfort began.

Forming your healing team can be a daunting journey but one that needs to be taken. We hope that you’ll consider Essentials massage & yoga as a place of healing and safety. Participate in your healing by showing up to your yoga mat, discovering what support your body, and mind need and asking questions of your yoga teacher, massage therapist and other providers. Then provide feedback, what is working, what is not? Where do we need to try something new. it is journey and we are willing to assist you along the way.